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SANITARY TOOLS Door Opening Tool Self-disinfection zero contact

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Suitable for use in a variety of environment, can effectively avoid contact virus infection,During special times, reduce your exposure to objects in public places to protect your health.
  • You can use it to push the elevator, open doors, open drawers, and everything in common.There is also disinfection.
  • SIMPLE TO USE : Fast, convenient, You can clamp any handle you want. Far from hand touch.Close the lid after use and put it in a bag or pocket.
  • SAFE & SANITARY :Reduce the contact,Let you use less hand contact.There is a sponge for repeat adding disinfectant.You can add disinfectant if you want.
  • CONVENIENT TO CARRY:Small size, easy to carry, you can put in a small bag or put in a pocket.

Product Details


Product size: 11.5x2.5x3cm

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This simple tool is specially designed to help users free their hands and avoid touching public goods with bacteria. Keep your hands clean, healthy and safe every day

You can get 1pcs made up of ABS material tool. Small size 11.5x2.5x3cm and easy to carry, can be packed in imported bags and carried anywhere, effectively blocking virus transmission.

Are you still worrying about touching public facilities? Our gadgets can be used for elevator buttons, door handles and drawer handles. You don't have to touching the door handle and elevators buttons directly to avoids infection.

When you use it, it also contains disinfectant, which will disinfect itself. Keep you and your family healthy all the time.

Good quality and low price, essential artifacts for family members to go out, I hope you and your family can survive the epidemic safely.

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